Enabling informed school choice with a powerful mapping tool.


Children at Risk is a nonprofit based in Texas that focuses on a broad range of issues affecting (you guessed it) children. One of their core issues as an organization is education. To help parents make informed decisions about the schools their children attend, they created the Texas School Guide. TSG calculates a ranking for every school in Texas on the basis of student performance on a variety of standardized tests and graduation rates, indexed for the economic status of the student body.

TSG has a wealth of information to offer parents and prospective students, then; the trick is finding a way to present it such that they can parse it and understand it quickly and easily. The site includes charts and graphs and rankings, but the primary way that users interact with the information is by way of a custom map.










simplifying searches with map filters

The TSG map presents users with a simple set of options to home in on the schools that matter most to them. There are, we think, two primary use cases. On the one hand, a user might be curious how a specific school performs, plausibly because their child attends (or will soon attend) that school. That user is presented with a “search by school name” option. The other most plausible kind of user is the one who is actively trying to make a choice about school options in their neighborhood. That user can search by street, city, or zip code.


After launch

We’re long term technology partners for whatever challenge comes your way

Since launching the site, we’ve kept up with the folks at TSG and developed a true partnership. We monitor their servers for them, making sure everything stays in good health with respect to the server and the site. We also do annual refreshes to their database. Further, we advise them on anything and everything related to the website, whether we’re offering our services or helping them figure out what they need from someone else.