A brand facelift, complete with rockstar hair and makeup


Our sister company, Dream Staffing, needed a fresh look. Badly. Their naming and brand accurately described what they do—providing pre-screened developers and designers at affordable rates for temp work—but not the kind of excitement and brand recognition that would help them grow. We re-envisioned their new brand from the ground up, built them a new website, and then blasted their tune over the airwaves.

Getting the Band Together

We worked (and still work) closely with Dream Staffing, as they used to be part of our HR department. We knew their business model well, so we knew the challenges they faced when trying to attract new clients. What we noticed is that sales didn’t always happen at first contact, as potential clients (such as other digital agencies or design shops) didn’t always need a coder at that point in time. Dream Staffing’s true value was as an “ambulance” when a new project left a client shorthanded or they didn’t know a specific technology. As a result, we decided together that it was necessary to rebrand to something more catchy and easy to remember in a moment of resource crisis. Thus, Rockstar Coders was born.

Striking a Chord

We reconceived and redesigned Dream Staffing’s messaging and website to match the Rockstar Coders brand. The whole brand is very tongue-in-cheek, so we rewrote all the copy to match (and even depicted the team as famous rockstars). At the same time, we brought the website in line with current design trends and made it easier to learn what Rockstar Coders is all about—and most importantly, how to hire a Rockstar of your own.

We’ve continued our relationship with Rockstar Coders as their primary digital marketing partner, overseeing creation of new content and all SEO and PPC work. We’re proud to say that through the outreach we’ve done, Rockstar Coders has increased their monthly revenue by 166% from 2014 to 2015.









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or hire your own Rockstar Coder for a project!