Ruby on Rails (RoR) was launched in 2005, and we at Goodfolk have been using it since 2005 when it was still version 0.12. Now at version 5.2, it remains one of the most popular application development frameworks ever invented.

RoR's popularity is born from a number of principles its open source community champions. For example, the framework lends itself to scaling to many developers as RoR apps all share similar styles and conventions. Developers love using RoR because of its aesthetics and conciseness. Business built on RoR enjoy the economies of scale as RoR has a multitude of open source libraries and previously created solutions for many common problems.

We're incredibly proud to be early adopters of the framework and have helped everyone from startups to VCs to Fortune 500 companies with their RoR projects. Our CTO helped develop Highrise, one of the original large scale RoR apps created by Basecamp, the creators of Ruby on Rails.


  • Full-stack Custom Development and Design

  • Backend Infrastructure

  • Membership Sites

  • Speed and Scale

  • Security