A New Home for Researchers Helping Immigrants Make a Home

GoodFolk created just the website we had hoped for: elegant, engaging, easy to navigate, and a perfect fit for the personality we wanted to convey. Their great design sensibility and project management made the whole process smooth, fun, and budget-friendly. We especially appreciated that the GoodFolk team understood what our work involves and why it’s important. That investment in our mission set them apart from other firms and made them a trusted partner—they were able to not only deliver a beautiful website but also contribute to our thinking about content strategy, content marketing, and communications goals.
— Noelle Daly / Communications Director

The Immigration Policy Lab didn’t want to be mistaken for a traditional academic initiative. With branches at Stanford University and ETH Zurich, IPL has a global perspective and team members representing 10 countries. IPL wanted an online presence that reflects the rich experience and quality of thought they bring to finding solutions for the world’s hardest immigration issues. So when they reached out to us to help modernize and differentiate their website from other Stanford departmental websites, we jumped at the chance to help.








A Modern Look for a Modern Issue

When we first met, IPL had just created a new, modern logo to reflect their foray into branding themselves as a research lab that transcends the Stanford campus. Unfortunately, their website was still a Stanford departmental website, which limited the look and feel as well as the user experience on the site. In all, it wasn’t going to work if they wanted to post work regularly and present themselves as a timely resource for an issue as timely as immigration policy.

We worked with IPL to create a WordPress site that was both visually and functionally elegant. In designing the site, we strove to always balance the data-driven, meticulously researched content with design elements that reinforced the human element of immigration. This meant finding opportunities to showcase imagery wherever possible and giving IPL the ability to break out quotes and key information to make sure they were driving their most important points home to readers.  

The Project page is a perfect example of this balance. Projects are at the core of IPL’s work, so they wanted to make sure they were given the weight and elegance they deserved. The result was a page that features IPL’s beautiful imagery and breaks down the key information about a project—the main research question, the key stat, the team—while providing a clean and reading experience for anyone who wants to dive into the project details.


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